Bob Bernstock’s career spans approximately 30 years. He is a business leader and consultant, often taking on leadership roles with companies during important times of change and development. Bernstock acted in three different roles in 2016 alone — president and chief executive officer of Medical Services Associates, LLC, chairman and chief executive officer of USCI Company and consultant for Central Garden and Pet Company. His expertise lies specifically within a leadership capacity. He has a knack for joining business ventures at just the right time when his skills across organizational development, negotiation, change management, strategic planning and similar are most needed.

This expertise — for which he has received many endorsements — led to multiple executive positions within Fortune 1000 companies. Bernstock has served on the boards of three Fortune 1000 companies. He has also acted in the respective jobs of executive vice president, president and chief executive officer for the same three Fortune 1000 brands. These appointments came to a close by 2014 when Bernstock took on the aforementioned leadership roles through 2016.

During this work among Fortune 1000 companies and his other leadership expertise, Bob Bernstock has guided brands to new levels of efficiency and effectiveness, and he has embraced change and encouraged other businesses to do the same.